Disposition DR DM PM
Adoration* -1 -5 +12
Devoted* 0 -3 +8
Trusting 1 –2 +5
Friendly 2 –1 +3
Amiable 3 0 +1
Indifferent 4 0 0
Dislike 5 +1 –2
Unfriendly 6 +2 –4
Malicious 7 +3 –6
Malevolent* 9 +4 -9
Nemesis* 12 +5 -13


ADORATION (DR-1, Decp -5, Pers +12)
This is a complicated disposition where a character centers his/her life’s purpose around the well-being of another individual. Such characters regard the person whom they adore with the deepest respect, deference, esteem, and often rapturous love. They figuratively (and in some religious instances, practically) worship the individual deriving great joy from their presence. They are blind to any of their faults, regard them with awe and trust them implicitly. Such a character always interprets the adoree’s actions in the best possible light often rationalizing any required justification to explain any discrepancies in behaviour. They always act in the best interest of the adored one always putting their needs and desires ahead of their own. Of course, the adoree’s life is valued more than their own and they are prepared to lay it down not only to save the adored, but often upon his/her request. (Temporary bonuses to disposition cannot increase disposition to this level. Love of this level must be earned.)

DEVOTED (DR0, Decp -3, Pers +8)
A level of love almost exclusively reserved to relationships of deep intimacy and trust. This implies love, feelings of obligation and strong loyalty such as that shared between many spouses, parents and their children. As the label implies, devoted lovers, devoted mothers, devoted husbands, etc., almost always put the needs of their beloved(s) ahead of themselves. Seldom do they make a decision that would result in consequences that could negatively effect the individual(s) of their devotion. Such characters invest the vast majority of their time and resources into ensuring the well-being of their beloved, and are willing to take on the greatest risks to secure their beloved’s safety. Naturally, they would almost certainly make the ultimate sacrifice to protect them. (Temporary bonuses to disposition cannot increase disposition to this level. Love of this level must be earned.)

TRUSTING (DR1, Decp -2, Pers +5)
Characterizes the disposition shared between most family members, best friends, and so on. At this level a character gives in to most requests even if the request is to their detriment. Trusting characters will tend to overlook faults, and give the benefit of the doubt most of the time. Such characters are interested in the well-being and safety of the other person and willing to take on significant risk to secure it. In extreme circumstances, they might even give their own lives to save the other person.

FRIENDLY (DR2, Decp -1, Pers +3)
A Friendly disposition suggests feelings of kinship and goodwill and is found in long-time allies and members of the same household. Friendly can also serve to define the relationship between knights bound to a common cause and the ties that bind the closest members of the Watch to each other and their commanders. Friendly characters are willing to do you favors and may even take some risks on your behalf. They almost certainly won’t betray you, and that’s what counts most.

AMIABLE (DR3, Decp 0, Pers +1)
Amiable characters see you in a positive light and consider you an acquaintance—but not necessarily a friend. Such characters are unlikely to put themselves at risk for you, but they are helpful if it benefits them. A character with an Amiable disposition may betray you if given a good reason.

INDIFFERENT (DR4, Decp 0, Pers 0)
An indifferent character has no strong feelings toward you, one way or the other. He may be convinced to help you, following orders out of duty, and he may consent to other favors if he gets something in return. Indifferent characters won’t take risks to help you unless suitably compensated.

DISLIKE (DR5, Decp +1, Pers -2)
Dislike indicates a general unfriendliness, a certain uncomfortable frostiness. Whether this disposition originates from distrust, reputation, or some past misdeed, the character will not take risks for you and may entertain conspiracies against you.

UNFRIENDLY (DR6, Decp +2, Pers -4)
Unfriendly characters simply do not like you. These feelings may be grounded in good reason or not, but regardless, they hold you in disdain. Such characters will not seek to actively hurt you, but they won’t interfere with those who would and can be easily convinced to conspire against you.

MALICIOUS (DR7, Decp +3, Pers -6)
Malicious characters actively work against you, doing what they can to harm you, even if it means putting themselves at risk. Malicious characters would wage war against you, harm your family, and do just about anything else they can to destroy or discredit you. Such characters are your dire enemies.

MALEVOLENT (DR9, Decp +4, Pers -9)
Unlike malicious characters that tend to be of a more petty and spiteful nature, a malevolent character carries a deep and lasting disgust for you. Of course, such characters consider actively working against you and your family at every opportunity. But they crave inflicting only significant hardships on you as anything less fails to satisfy. Furthermore, Where opportunities to do harm do not exist, they will sometimes invest time and resources to create them, even at great risk to themselves. Like malicious characters, they too are your dire enemies. However, they can mistakenly be perceived as less of a threat because their peference for taking only dire strokes against you reduces the frequency of their actions. (Temporary penalties to disposition cannot decrease disposition to this level. Hate of this level must be earned.)

NEMESIS (DR12, Decp +5, Pers -13)
A nemesis character holds a deep-seated vendetta against you. Such characters will devote almost all of their time and resources to planning and executing your death. They will take on the greatest risks, sacrificing much to kill you, and all with little or no regard for their own personal safety. Put simply, your demise is the main purpose in this character’s life. (Temporary penalties to disposition cannot decrease disposition to this level. Hate of this level must be earned.)


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