Michael Grayson

Guard Captain of Archet

Agility 3
Animal Handling 3 Ride 1B
Athletics 4
Awareness 3 Notice 1B
Cunning 3
Deception 3
Endurance 4
Fighting 4 Long Blades 2B
Language 3
Knowledge 2 Streetwise 2B
Marksmanship 2 Crossbows 1B
Status 3 Reputation 1B
Warfare 4 Command 1B
Will 3 Courage 1B
All others 2

Armor Mastery
Leader of Men
Long Blade Fighter I

Fear (Status 4+)

Destiny Points    1


To say that Michael is self-serving, is to say the sky is blue. Perhaps the sky is not blue every day, but it is blue more often than not. Originally from Ashemark, he left his home as a young man to seek his fortune in a place where his talents would shine and there was less competition. He eventually found his way to Archet. It has taken almost fifteen years for him to work his way up from a lowly messenger to Captain of the Archet Guard.

While a competent fighter and talented leader, he is not nearly a bright as he appears to be (or thinks he is); largely the reason Gareth gave him the job in the first place. While easily bribable, he almost always shares the wealth with his fellow guards, making him quite popular. There are limits, however, to his greed. Terrified of Gareth (or anyone of high Status), he tries not do anything that will be obviously detrimental to his position or his life.

Despite his flaws, he cares about the community (if not the individuals). He does his job well for the most part, and crime within the area is manageable. Michael dislikes Aaron Pierce. Formerly, he judged petty criminals as well as arrested them. Aaron persuaded his Father to remove that power three years ago, largely due to the dubious and a largely unjust sentence of a boy name Braedan to the Wall. Aaron intervened and now minor crimes are judged by seven members of the Archet community chosen once a year at the Festival of the Father.

Michael Grayson

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