Wall or Plank

Braynar shuddered as the pair stepped onto the ship. He had not known much about the Captain or his guests plans, but that would serve him little now. The fact he was still alive was a miracle, and one obviously by design. If he wished to remain breathing, he needed to be very careful about what he did next.

The first was the Knight. He was obviously a Knight. He walked like a Knight, had the bearing of a Knight, had the viscous discerning gaze of a Knight, and all aboard the ship looked on him for the Knight he was. The fact he was now dressed in full plate and bore a shield with arms emblazoned was simple confirmation. The man would be obviously a Knight if he wore rags.

As strange as it was, it was the young man behind him that Braynar feared more, for it was he that had rendered him helpless with a single arrow. The sailor did not know much about archery, but despite appearances, it was obvious he was in charge, and just as lethal as the Knight. The fact the boy could place his arrows with pinpoint accuracy, not to kill, in the dark, was testament to his skill.

It was the deceptiveness of the boy’s appearance that gave him pause. The fact he could easily kill most men at a hundred yards, warred with his pretty face and soft voice. He would fetch a staggering price at the slave auctions of Lys, although Braynar suspected the buyer might come to regret their purchase.

The boy began to question his companion, although he spoke no Bravossi, and the man he questioned little common tongue. Braynar knew a bit more, but kept silent until he could determine the direction of the conversation. The young man was named Aaron, a noble of some sort. He questions revolved around the kidnapping, and something called a Septa.

Aaron turned to Braynar and continued the questioning, and the full force of the boy’s personality hit him; the charming smile, the emerald green eyes, and the respectful tones. There was no guile in those eyes, and there was something terrifying about such a mixture of honesty and lethality. Indeed, the boy wielded his raw goodness like a weapon. Given enough time, and the circumstance, many would do anything the boy asked, would want to do what he asked and more, not the least of which being it would probably be the right thing.

“So what should I do with them?” Aaron finally asked the Knight. “Kill them?” by the tone, it was not the alternative he preferred, “Send them to the wall?”

“Give them the choice.” responded the Knight.

Aaron raised his eyebrows thoughtfully and put the question to the pair of them. Braynar and his companion both indicated the wall. Life of any kind was always preferable to death.

“So?” asked the Knight.

“I would prefer not to kill them without proof of their guilt.” replied Aaron with some further thought. “We will bring them to my Father so he can question them before we do anything more. He at least speaks some Braavosi and may learn something I have not. I don’t think he would have any objection to turning them over to the Night’s Watch. He might even set them free if it turns out they were innocent… or if they tell him something he considers of value.”

Wall or Plank

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