The Stag Inn

Dear Father,

I hope this letter finds you well. We arrived at the Stag Inn last night and my predictions proved to be true. The Innkeeper Marta did not wish to allow us to stay, but I convinced her otherwise. We also encountered a group of Knights along the road who challenged us as the killer of innocents, but I managed to mollify them and suggest that taking unfounded rumors as fact was poor practice. It was but a drop of water in a large bucket. Many of those we passed on the road avoided our party.

I had sent Ryn on ahead of us to covertly gather information and gage the tone of the Inn. He managed to gain information from a Hamish Flowers. Hamish was flush with a large amount of coin and drink, boasting the Fox Knight hired him to do ‘unpleasant bur necessary work’. While I only have half-truths and innuendo to work with, I think it’s a safe assumption the man assisted the Knight in killing the men in the clearing, and was paid substantially for his help, and his silence.

It was a silence he was ill-equipped to keep. I’m sorry Father, I should have known what would happen next, but I was so concerned with the man’s information, I overlooked the man. When I spoke with Ser Gerbold over breakfast, he immediately saw the danger, but by then it was too late. Given the shrieks that shortly followed, it seems apparent that Hamish was killed during the night. While not directly accusing us, Marta firmly requested that we leave. We head on to King’s Landing, but I fear that the damage to our reputation grows serious.

I do not know who this Fox Knight is, if he works for another, or if he is connected to the Dannett deaths, but he leaves a trail of bodies behind him. I would very much like to speak with this Fox Knight, preferably with his hands bound.


The Stag Inn

Westeros Aidorei