William Lannister

Agility 3
Animal Handling 4 Ride 1B
Athletics 3 Swim 1B
Awareness 3
Endurance 4
Fighting 5 Long Blades 1B, Shields 4B, Spears 1B
Knowledge 3
Status 4
Will 3
All others 2

Blood of the Andals (Fighting)
Shield Mastery
Talented (Fighting)


Destiny Points    1


William is the second son of Henry and Kataerina Lannister. He is an easy-going and down to earth young man whose chief interest is to become a great warrior. He is well on his way to becoming a Knight, and by rights should probably already be one. The fact he has not been recognized for his skill doesn’t mean he lacks it. He is a better fighter than most of his peers, many of which have already been Knighted. Knowing this is enough for him for now and he has no jealousy in his heart. He takes great pleasure in honing his skill and it consumes much of his life. Gaining a Knighthood would be nice, but a title does not make you any more skilled.

William enjoys Stephyn’s company, although he thinks his older brother takes trivialities too seriously. Many regard Stephyn as skilled in fighting as he, which amuses him. William is miles ahead of his brother in skill, although Stephyn does wear shinier armor. He is fond of his little sister Rosamund, but has little time for her. He is closest to his younger brother Kyle. While all his siblings are generally smarter than him, Kyle is the only one that never tries to take advantage of the fact. Also, while growing up, Kyle was often bullied by those bigger and stronger than he, one of the few things that can make William truly angry. Those that did so in William’s presence rarely did so again.

William Lannister

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