Stephyn Lannister

Heir to Lannisport

Agility 3
Animal Handling 2 Ride 1B
Athletics 3 Swim 1B
Awareness 4 Empathy 1B, Notice 1B
Cunning 4
Deception 3 Bluff 1B
Endurance 3
Fighting 3 Long Blades 1B
Language 3
Knowledge 3
Persuasion 3 Charm 1B, Convince 1B
Status 5 Breeding 1B
Will 3
All others 2

Blood of the Andals (Persuasion)


Destiny Points    1


Stephyn is the first son and Heir of Henry and Kataerina Lannister, a position he takes very seriously. He is the only one of the Lannister children that is aware of his Mother’s full abilities, having seen her deal with a group of armed men who attacked the pair of them several years ago. From that incident he learned the best lesson she could ever teach: what people believe to be true is just as important as what is true. He took that lesson to heart and today is the personification of everything people would expect the Lannister Heir to be. He is meticulous about how he appears to others, even if this means a certain degree of self-absorption. He respects his Father, but is closer to his Mother whom he tries to emulate in his own way. While they may not always agree, he knows it is often perilous to ignore her sage advice.

Stephyn cares for all his siblings, but is not very close to any of them. He is fond of Rosamund and will usually indulge her, so long as it doesn’t conflict with his own interests. He has a genial relationship with Kyle, although they do not spend much time together. He is often very busy and Kyle tends to be a loner, but if his bother was in need, he would gladly come to the boy’s aid, provided it did not overtly jeopardize the House.

Of all his siblings, Stephyn is closest to William, they being only a year apart in age. Over the years they have bonded with their strengths while finding solutions for their differences, such as Stephyn’s penchant for neatness and William’s far more casual regard for his surroundings; a situation which mandated the pair having separate rooms at an early age. The pair also travel in far different circles of friends, although both make time for each other for activities like sparring, hunting, swimming, or drinking.

Stephyn Lannister

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