Lady of Falcons

Agility 5 Balance 2B, Dodge 4B, Quickness 3B
Animal Handling 4 Charm 2B
Athletics 4 Climb 3B, Jump 3B
Awareness 7 Empathy 3B, Notice 2B
Cunning 4 Logic 1B
Deception 4 Act 1B, Bluff 1B
Endurance 4
Fighting 4 Brawl 4B
Language 3 Common
Language 2 Old Tongue
Language 2 High Valyrian
Knowledge 4 Education 3B
Marksmanship 5 Bows 5B
Persuasion 5 Charm 3B, Convince 2B, Intimidate 4B
Stealth 6 Sneak 3B
Will 5 Coordinate 1B, Courage 5B, Dedication 3B

Natural Armor: AR 3 (Movement 4, Sprint 16)

Falcon Form: The Lady may take the form of a falcon at will. Her stats remain the same although her damage is reduced to 2.

Ultimatum: So long as the Legendary bow ‘Ultimatum’ remains in Falconcliff, the Lady may summon and dismiss a copy of it as a free action.

Piercing Resistant: Piercing weapons do not reduce AR and have their base damage reduced by their Piercing modifier (to a minimum of 0).

Hideous Visage: If the veil of the Lady is lifted or removed, all those that start their turns within 10 yards of her must succeed on a Challenging (12) Will test or take –1D on all tests while in her presence. Those who roll a Critical failure are inflicted with the Flaw: Cruel Insanity and must flee at full speed each round until they succeed on another Will save. Those of the Pierce bloodline are immune to this effect.

Forest Stride: Gain +2D to Sneak and Ignore treacherous terrain while in a forest. Movement increases to 5 and Sprint increases to 25 while in a forest.

Eternal: The Lady rises at dusk, even if she is defeated or her body destroyed. Remove all Wounds and Injuries. This continues until a living Lady of Falcons takes her place.


There must always be a Lady of Falcons at Falconcliff.

Lady of Falcons

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