Kyle Lannister

Agility 3
Athletics 3 Strength 1B, Swim 1B
Awareness 3 Empathy 1B
Cunning 4
Fighting 2 Short Blades 1B
Language 3
Knowledge 3 Education 1B
Marksmanship 2 Bows 1B
Persuasion 3
Status 3
Will 5
All others 2

Blood of the Andals (Awareness)
Night Eyes


Destiny Points    4


Kyle is the third son of Henry and Kataerina Lannister. He is a quiet boy who prefers to keep to himself. His recent manifestation of Greensight has served to reinforce the idea that he is not like other people. Aaron Pierce is aware of this ability, as is his Mother, whom Kyle told at Aaron’s urging. Initially he was terrified of this ability and considered it evil, but with Aaron’s support he is coming to terms with it. Slowly, he is starting to look on the ability as talent, no different than one for hunting, painting, or healing. Still, he knows what others will think if they find out, so it remains a closely guarded secret.

Kyle is on good terms with all of his siblings. Stephyn likes him well enough, but often doesn’t take him seriously. He has a distant relationship with Rosamund, who is usually wrapped up in her own interests, none of which are his. He is closest to his brother William who protects him and makes him laugh; something he probably doesn’t do nearly as often as he should. William is also the only one of the family that has started to ask Kyle his opinion.

Kyle has become very close to his cousin Aaron over the last few months. Partly due to their shared secret, but mostly because Aaron has never treated him like a child. Despite his position and large family, Kyle has always felt the crushing loneliness of someone who is different. Instinctively, he knows Aaron feels that loneliness too, but has learned from his example that such a feeling can be borne and need not be forever.

Kyle Lannister

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