Maester of House Pierce

Animal Handling 3 Ride 1B
Awareness 3
Cunning 4 Memory 1B
Endurance 3
Healing 6 Diagnosis 2B, Treat Ailment 3B, Treat Injury 3B
Language 4
Knowledge 4 Education 3B, Research 2B
Persuasion 3
Status 3
Survival 1
Will 5 Coordinate 1B, Dedication 1B
All others 2

Knowledge Focus (Alchemy)
Knowledge Focus (History and Legends)
Miracle Worker


Destiny Points    0


Jonys is a thin man in his early fifties and has been the Maester of House Pierce for almost three decades. He is an educated and inquiring man, known throughout the area as being a master healer. Though age has taken its toll on his body, his mind is still sharp and insightful.

He has had numerous successes over the years where lesser Maesters would have failed, but his greatest failure, the one that haunts him at night, wasn’t, in fact, a failure at all. After visiting her family in King’s Landing, Lady Angelica Pierce, along with two of her servants, contracted Demon’s Fire from rye bread at a roadside inn. The symptoms of the disease can be catastrophic and include hallucinations, stupor, convulsions, and psychosis, reddening and blistering of skin then blackening, necrosis and finally death.

By the time the Lady returned home, her symptoms were well advanced. Initially, the Maester worked tirelessly to save her, and might have done so. However, beyond a certain point, the damage to the mind and body is irreversible. With her beauty shattered beyond repair and her gentle spirit twisted with madness, Jonys decided that saving the life of the Lady was no kindness and much less than the good woman deserved. While all believe she finally succumbed to her disease, Jonys knows she died to an overdose of Nightshade.

While he still believes he did the right thing, Jonys has carried the guilt of that act for over a decade. The numerous times Aaron has come to him to talk about his Mother and her life have only served to deepen the guilt he feels. Seeing her son’s face so much like hers makes him wonder if Angelica would forgive him, or if Aaron would if he knew. Even if they would, he believes Lord Gareth definitely would not, so he keeps his peace. In fact, Gareth is aware what Jonys did, but does not hold the Maester responsible. He suspects that Angelica’s food was poisoned intentionally and has spent the last ten years making quiet inquires.


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