Gerbold Veldtstag

Champion of House Pierce

Agility 4 Quickness 2B
Animal Handling 5 Ride 2B
Athletics 4 Strength 2B
Awareness 3
Cunning 3
Deception 1
Endurance 5 Stamina 1B
Fighting 7 Long Blades 2B, Shields 4B, Spears 2B
Language 3
Status 3 Reputation 2B, Tournaments 1B
Thievery 1
Warfare 3
Will 4 Dedication 1B
All others 2

Armor Mastery
Expertise (Long Blades)
Master of Ravens
Shield Mastery


Destiny Points    6


Gerbold the Vile wears his dirty blonde hair long in the style of the people of his birthplace. Hard grey eyes look out onto a hard world that he knows one day will defeat him, no matter his skill, no matter that he is good, or evil. It is the way of things, and he seems resigned to his fate, though he is not fatalistic. ‘We all end. Only those who remember us, can say if our life was worthy.’ He told that to his son, only weeks before the boy’s death, and they are the words that govern his every decision.

Gerbold has reached middle age despite the slaughter of his family when he was young, the life of a professional soldier and House champion to three houses, the death of his only child and wife, and other hardships known to all who live in this world. He has a tendency towards the taciturn, speaking little unless he has something of value to impart. Music and laughter seem to have no effect on him at all, and he does not partake in celebratory drinking and carousing as others of his ilk will. He understands his place in society and keeps it well, showing respect for those above his station even if they might not, at first glance, deserve it. He holds himself to a strictly chivalrous code, and while he will defend the smallfolk, he really has little respect for those who are able-bodied but unwilling to fight for themselves, whether peasant or House Lord.

The title: The Vile stems from one incident. Gerbold is reviled throughout the lands for a deed credited to him a few years after the deaths of his son and wife: As Champion for House Lannister of Lannisport, he was ordered by his Lord to make an example of a foreign traveling merchant who did not provide the proper discount to house soldiers while in their territory. Gerbold was dispatched to find the merchant’s home and dispatch his two sons. Not only were the sons killed, but so too was a daughter and the family home burned. The merchant’s wife was beaten and left alive, though barely, with the message that Lannisters do not tolerate such behavior as the merchant showed in his dealings there.

Lord Gareth Pierce sought out Gerbold, when he heard this tale; seeking a man of just such pragmatism to defend his house. Gerbold uses this reputation to his advantage when dealing with those susceptible to the fear his reputation suggests. Only for Aaron, son of Lord Gareth, does he have a quick smile, and easy manner. For only that one, of all he has known and met, asked him for the truth.

Gerbold Veldtstag

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