Bryce Westwood (Ryn Stone)

Agility 3 Quickness 1B
Animal Handling 3
Athletics 3
Awareness 3 Notice 1B
Cunning 3
Deception 4
Endurance 3
Fighting 3
Marksmanship 3 Bows 1B
Persuasion 4 Seduce 1B
Status 3
Stealth 4 Blend In 2B, Sneak 1B
Thievery 3
Warfare 1
Will 3
All others 2

Face in the Crowd
Noble (Bryce)

Wretched (Bryce)
Bastard Born (Ryn)

Destiny Points    3

Note: Use Bryce’s qualities for those who are aware of his true identity and Ryn’s if they do not.


Bryce is a liar, a cheat and a thief… but other than that he is really quite nice. Formally the fourth son of Lord Westwood (formally son, due to his being disowned and formerly fourth, due the death of his eldest brother), Bryce has been the retainer of Aaron Pierce for the last two years. His House had generally considered him a stain on the family name and Markus Westwood, heir to the Westwood family, finally decided that the best way to remove the stain was to remove the brother. (The fact that a woman that interested him preferred the more charming younger brother was purely incidental.) However Markus’ attempt at fratricide did not work as planned and he ended up burning to death in a blacksmith forge. Unfortunately, when you are a liar, a cheat and a thief, people tend not to believe you when you tell them you pushed the Heir to your House into a blacksmith forge in self defense. Bryce barely escaped with his life.

While he possessed the skills to evade his pursuers, he lacked the skills to live on the run in the wild. By the time he came across Aaron hunting in the woods, two weeks had passed and he was suffering from starvation, exposure and fever. Desperation makes for brave men. Bryce attacked Aaron hoping for coin, food and warmer clothing. While they were about the same age and skill, Bryce underestimated his opponent’s quickness and his own diminished condition. Aaron defeated him easily.

Awaking, he found himself in a warm bed, his fever broken and a matron tending his bandages. Aaron arrived, quietly demanding the truth and, for the first time in his life, Bryce took a chance and told it. He is now Ryn Stone (Aaron deciding it better to be thought a bastard than a kinslayer). While he is still a liar, a cheat and a thief, some of the young Lord’s honor is slowly rubbing off on him. Aaron treats him far better than his brothers ever did and they have a very trusting relationship.

Bryce, even at the young age of 15, is quite the ladies’ man. The shear volume of his conquests could rival a man twice his age. While he usually has no problem finding a young woman to warm his bed, he is a frequent visitor of whatever quality local brothels are available, for the convenience if nothing else.

Bryce Westwood (Ryn Stone)

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