Agility 3
Athletics 4 Strength 2B, Swim 1B
Awareness 3
Endurance 4
Fighting 5 Spears 1B
Language 3
Survival 4 Hunt 1B
Thievery 1
Warfare 3 Tactics 1B
All others 2

Armor Mastery
Blood of the Rhyone
Expertise (Spears)
Great Hunter

Tragic Childhood

Destiny Points    1


Braedan’s Mother was killed by Aaron Pierce when he was nine years old as she attempted to assassinate the young heir in retaliation for Lord Gareth Pierce’s execution of his older brother.

Eight years later, Braedan works for Ser Gerbold as one of his guards and part of Aaron’s retinue in Lannisport. While he no longer holds Aaron responsible for his Mother’s death (realizing they were the actions of a young boy in self-defense), he still has a great deal of anger and frustration from the loss and having to grow up alone.


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