Adham Dannett

Heir to House Dannett

Animal Handling 3 Ride 1B
Athletics 3
Awareness 3
Endurance 4 Resilience 2B
Fighting 3 Long Blades 2B, Spears 2B
Language 3
Status 4
Will 3
All others 2



Destiny Points    0


Adham is sixteen, full of fire, and eager to prove his worth. He is thrilled at the prospect of heaping glory upon his House’s august name, and he submits to a grueling training regimen in hopes of overcoming the other knights flocking to various tournaments.

Adham was unaware of his Father’s debts or his sister’s enslavement. It would have crushed his world to discover that what he believed was in many ways a fantasy. Luckily, due to the schemes of House Lugus and the intervention by House Pierce, he may be sparred from the worst of the truth.

At the King’s Tournament in 297, Adham was poisoned by Orten Lugus with Tears of Lys. Fortunately, Aaron Pierce suspected the possibility of the poisoning thanks to an assassin’s dagger meant to shift the blame to House Pierce. Knowing the manner of poison, the House Pierce Maester Jonys managed to save the boy’s life.

Adham and Aaron are now trusted friends.

Adham Dannett

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