Aaron Pierce

Heir to Falconcliff

Agility 4 Quickness 1B
Animal Handling 3
Athletics 3 Strength 1B, Swim 1B
Awareness 4 Notice 1B
Cunning 3
Deception 1
Endurance 3
Fighting 3 Long Blades 1B
Healing 2
Language 4
Knowledge 3 Education 1B
Marksmanship 5 Bows 3B
Persuasion 7 Charm 1B, Convince 2B
Status 4 Reputation 1B
Stealth 3
Survival 3
Thievery 1
Warfare 3
Will 5 Dedication 1B

Blood of the Andals (Agility)
Double Shot

Bigot (Women, Adult & Young Adult)
Insomnia (Sleeping Companion)
Tragic Childhood
Unnatural Presence

Destiny Points     5

Aaron’s Dispositions


Aaron a is charming and good-hearted young man of 18. Blessed with his Father’s coloring and his Mother’s beauty, he looks out on the world with liquid green eyes that miss little of what goes on around him. His honesty, caring and strong sense of justice has made him well-liked by all within his House, and even by some in neighboring competing Houses.

Given his Father’s ruthlessness and his Mother dying of Demon’s Fire when he was young, Aaron searches for friends to match his temperament. He found one in Ser Gerbold Veldstag, Pierce House Champion. While much older, a friendship has since grown between them. In many ways, Aaron has a stronger relationship with Gerbold than his own Father.

With his good looks and position, Aaron has had many try to seduce him over the years, both female and male. Up till now he has resisted most such advances. He has never been completely sure that their interest hasn’t been politically motivated. Also, while he is not naive, he is somewhat of a romantic and has never been intimate with anyone he doesn’t trust.

Aaron is competent with a long blade, but prefers the accuracy and finality of a bow. House Pierce has something of a reputation for being excellent archers. He enjoys hunting and often goes alone or takes a group of young men out into the forest to hunt game. He trains often and teaches smallfolk in the community who wish to take up a weapon. He is a good judge of skill and a patient teacher.

His closest friend is Ryn, a young noble whom he shelters from a unfortunate past. He has also developed a close relationship with Adham Dannett after helping to save the man from death by poisoning. The pair have come to like each other a great deal. He is also very close to his cousins, especially Kyle, whom he likes a great deal and can be fiercely protective of.


Aaron Pierce

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